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How to save in translations and in new translation tools?

In a globalized market, it is even more important to present your products in various language versions. It is also necessary to have both technical and commercial documentation ready and available in several languages. Each translation project, however, has a cost that is not always quantifiable and verifiable.

Often, translations are usually out-sourced, and therefore historical translation memories do not remain as company know-how. It would be therefore important to create and manage internally a specific phrasebook that can be updated and used at any time and that can easily be consulted by the company itself.

The outsourcing of translation is not time effective. It takes various steps between those who have to do the translations and those who check them and transcribe them, with a very high probability of mistake.

All this waste of time and resources will be repeated whenever new updates are needed. The previous translations will be only partially re-used or could even be completely inadequate to new needs, frustrating all the work done.

Consequently you can have many translations, but often not consistent.

We must not forget that the various way of communication (website, catalogs and other) are not updated at the same time. There may be inconsistencies between the data of the products, with consequent inconvenience for the user.

How many times do you need to find the translations you need directly within the Indesign file?

How long do you have to wait to receive the translation even of a simple change of data?

How often are the translated documents not corresponding to the original version?

Are the translations in your catalog consistent with those of the website?

How many times the publication has been postponed due to the delay in managing translations?

How many times the manual copy and paste of translations has caused a lot of mistakes?

It is really important for the business budget  to have a management system in order to simplify and avoid all this waste. At last also the translations will find their “location” and will finally become part of the company’s assets.

The advantages of this organization are:

  • easy updating of translations;
  • opportunity to reorganize translations of product information;
  • opportunity to use an automated system for the generation of instruments in the language that guarantees the correctness of the data and timing of implementation;
  • possibility to update multiple communication tools at the same time.

The Datris solution

How translation management works: Datris collects all the texts in a single database in which the corresponding translations are inserted into the various languages ​​in order to create the company’s historical memory. Whenever new products are added, the system analyzes the inserted descriptions and associates any existing translations. At the same time it enriches the memory with new sentences.

Manage as many languages as you want: in Datris you can enter an unlimited number of languages, even Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese dialects, even with their writing system.

Opportunity to manage any translation system:

  • multi-user management to allow more operators to work at the same time;
  • differentiated management when translations are available in different time and from different sources;
  • it enables some specific products for some specific language market

Managing the phrasebook within your company offers a number of advantages:

  • you can save time and money having the possibility to re-use the same translations for different communication channels;
  • you can use the same translations for different communication systems;
  • you can use the translations already present in the phrase book;
  • information can be available in any languages, with different deadlines;
  • you can easy insert additional languages with a significantly reduction of time.

As you start controlling your product information and the related translation, immediately you save money in making the documentation.

Start now!

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